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Aside from our obvious attraction to alliteration, we created Jetsetting Junkies because we are addicted to travel. With full time jobs and living expenses, we somehow manage to squeeze in frequent trips to Europe, South America, and beyond. We don’t stay at the most glamorous hotels, but we also don’t stay in hostels. And while we don’t fly first class, we’re not cargo stowaways. We are simply two sisters, Sasha and Melissa, who find the best flight deals around to fuel our wanderlust.


Despite being five years older, Sasha is the carefree, whatever happens, happens type, and Melissa is more of a schedule stickler. Together, we are the perfect travel duo with just the right amount of spontaneity and preparedness.


Our passion for travel solidified in high school, where we respectively spent our sophomore years studying abroad, Sasha in Toulouse, and Melissa in Hod HaSharon. Sasha came back speaking fluent French, and Melissa arrived home with her Hebrew tov ma’od. Before our transformative times abroad, our family spent vacations island-hopping throughout the Caribbean, spending long weekends in Montreal, and visiting family in Hawaii during the summer.


It wasn’t until we flew transatlantic that we discovered a world far beyond pina coladas and beaded cornrows. There were decorated camels to ride through the desert on, fried grasshoppers to try (check out Sasha’s story on Uganda), and huskies to mush with in Norway’s Oppland region.


That’s why for college we both chose paths that offered the most travel opportunities. Sasha went from Israel to New York City to Florence and back. Melissa started out in southern California before going to Procida, then Tel Aviv. While abroad, we found low-cost carriers to bring us further abroad, and we’ve been scouring the skies ever since. We’re so happy your thirst for adventure has brought you to our travel site and we can’t wait to share all of our explorations with you. 

Girl at Lake Atitlan
Sisters in Vancouver
Sisters in Bratislava
Girl in Ischia

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